For $75/month, there are more than a few reasons to get a virtual office mailbox.

For business:

For local freelancers, small businesses or those that work from home, receiving mail at your home address complicates tax benefits by muddling the difference between personal and business expenses. For out-of-state businesses seeking a NY address for contract purposes, our workspace provides this as well. A home address can come off as unprofessional. For these reasons we provide freelancers, solo entrepeneurs, distributed teams, small businesses, remote companies, and others with an affordable and reliable Williamsburg Brooklyn based virtual office address where you can have your business mail sorted and collected. We accept deliveries, packages and parcels as well as standard mail.

Safety and Security

Package theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the US. UPS, FedEx, DHL and the United States Postal Service often leave packages in your apartment lobby or in front of your doorstep — making it easy for thieves to steal them. Sending packages here gives you peace of mind. Traveling? We’ve got your packages covered while you’re away.

Additional benefits

In addition to a virtual office mailbox you get: discounted day rates at our co-working space ($15/day vs $25/day), conference room rentals, and access to our events. There's not much more to say about virtual offices but we need to add more content for SEO. We're conveniently located right in Williamsburg, half a block from the L train which means stopping by to get your mail is incredibly convenient.

  • Email & text notification - we can email or text you when a package arrives
  • Call ahead - you can call ahead to see if you have mail
  • Free package receiving - we accept mail from all major carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, other couriers). You won't miss a delivery.
  • Permanent Address - move a lot? Keep a permanent address in NYC

$75/month - Sign up here